Monday, July 18, 2011

E is for Earth

One of the first E activities that Hannah and I did last week was to make a coffee filter earth.  This is a super easy craft that we both enjoyed.  Hannah especially liked working with markers, I liked watching the colors bleed.

First, Hannah and I colored on our coffee filters with markers.  We used blue and green markers for earth colors and colored the filter.  You don't have to have solid coverage but you do have to cover the filter with ink.  We did several different filters.  Hannah did one with squiggles and wiggles, and then we did a rainbow on one too so we could see how it would turn out.

Next, we put our filters on top of several layers of paper towel and painted the filters with plain old water.  Hannah was amazed that the "paint appeared" and did a great job of getting the filters completely wet.

The marker colors mix and spread as the water is applied.

Hannah is holding our rainbow filter and was telling me the colors that we put on it. After we finished we hung all of our colorful creations up to dry.

But not before Hannah decided to wash her face.

Today we finally glued our earth to the piece of paper with Genesis 1:1 printed on it.  I explained that God created everything including the earth.  Hannah was so cute because she corrected me and said "no mama you made it."  Heheheheh


Unknown said...

That is such a fun craft! I can't wait to try it out with my preschooler! I'm a new follower and am excited to read more of your blog. Hope you will stop by my blog to say hi and follow back. :)

Kristina said...

Hi Rachel, thanks for stopping and having a look.

Anonymous said...

This looks perfect for our vacation bible school craft!!! thanks :)

Kristina said...

Your welcome.

Unknown said...

HI There,
This look fabulous. But all of your pictures seem to indicate that Hannah drew many colours. Did you draw the continents and the water?
If Hannah did it, how did you go about guiding her?

Kristina said...

Hi Cathy
We did several. One was the very colorful filter that Hannah did independently. The earth filter I outlined the continents and she colored them with the markers.

Anonymous said...

Did you tell your toddler you meant the real earth? She looks so cute.

Leigh said...

Did you find that Washable Markers worked okay?
Or are regular better?

This is so AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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