Thursday, August 23, 2012

Closet Cleaning

I don't really "enjoy" cleaning (unless of course I'm stress cleaning, then I embrace it fully).  I do however abhor clutter.  It bugs, nags, and speaks to me from down the hall.  So this morning I went through Ethan's closet and cleaned it out a little.  There is a bin that we keep in their that has some of Andrew seminary stuff (don't worry Andrew I didn't get rid it).  Surprisingly, I found some of my own things at the bottom, including a CD labeled; "Pictures of Hannah".  I didn't recognize it (or the handwriting) and popped it into the computer.  I found a CD full of pictures taken of Hannah right she was born by one of the BEST photographers I know (these were pictures she took when visiting, very casual).  It has been so long since I've looked at these pictures.  So I thought I would share some of the pictures of my sweet bundle of joy with you.

I included this last one in because still I can't believe how prominent her birth mark was when she was so little.

If you look carefully in this picture (taken on the weekend) its is barely noticeable.

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