Monday, April 23, 2012

Finding Time

If you need some time to yourself, give your kids some tools and tell them their toys need fixing.  This must have occupied them for 45 minutess.  Ahh sweet 45 minutes how I long to know you more.

I wonder how many times I could do this before they figure it out?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

An Interview with Hannah

My sister Teresa is having a baby and is due at the end of May.  I thought for fun I would interview Hannah about the arrival of her first cousin.  She enjoys answering questions and I love what she comes up with for answers.  Here is our interview:

Me:  Hi Whats your name?
Hannah: laughing, It's Hannah

Me: How old are you?
Hannah: 3

Me: Who is having a baby?
Hannah: Auntie Teresa

Me: What's the baby's name?
Hannah: Franklin (Her nickname for Franklin)

Me: You know Franklin will have a new name soon right?
Hannah: New name? What is it?

Me: I don't know, go ask Auntie and then come tell me.

Me: How big will Franklin be when he is born?
Hannah: This big, (spanning her hands about 18in)

Me: How much will he weigh?
Hannah: Confused look, hmmm 31 (31 pounds is a very big baby Hannah)

Me: What color will his hair be? (Not sure since uncle is Asian, but we will see)
Hannah: Yellow

Me: What color will his eyes be?

Hannah: Black

Me: Do you know what day Franklin will be born?
Hannah: Sunday, Monday, or Friday

Me: What will Franklin eat?
Hannah: Cereal and Toast

Me: What will Franklin wear?
Hannah:  A big dress like Auntie (????? not sure what she refering to since Auntie has not been wearing any kind of dresses).

Me: Do you think Franklin will cry a lot?
Hannah: Yes cause Auntie will leave and Uncle will put him to bed.

Me:  Do you want to give Franklin a present when he's born?
Hannah:  Yes, a big fire truck, and a fireman hat.

Me:  Is there anything you think Franklin might need to borrow from you?
Hannah:  hmmm a stroller, mommy's food, scissors, my bible, and the umbrella (pointing to the big patio umbrella).

Me: What will Auntie need to buy for the baby?
Hannah:  Library books, a didi (soother), a crib, and a swim suit for Uncle Kevin.

Me: Are you going to help take care of Franklin?
Hannah: Yes I will put him to bed then Auntie can put me to bed

Me: Will you love Franklin?
Hannah: Yes, this much, putting about 1 cm between her fingers (Hannah's Auntie Amanda taught Hannah that this means a lot, thanks Amanda).

Me: Who will be a better Auntie, Auntie Amanda or mommy?
Hannah: Auntie Amanda (Thanks Hannah).

Me: Thank you for answering my questions
Hannah: Your welcome.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Button Practice

Hannah and I were cuddling during rest time and she decided she want to play with the two buttons on my shirt.  She could do it but it was a bit awkward for both of us.  I looked around the room to see what I come up with so she could continue buttoning.  I took my pillow and slipped one of Andrew T-shirts onto it and then took one of his button up shirts and put it on the pillow too.  At that point Hannah piped in and thought our pillow man needed pants.  I couldn't agree more. Then I propped our pillow daddy against the chair and Hannah happily buttoned away.  The pillow provided a good amount of resistance and keeps the shirt firm.

Stay tuned for a special treat I have planned for tomorrow.  I give you a little teaser; I interviewed Hannah.  But you have to check back tomorrow to see what the interview is all about.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

U wrap up and V preview

U was a funny week, every time I sat down with one of the kids to do an activity it seemed that the other was off doing something different.  I have to admit it was lovely to work one and one with both Hannah and Ethan.  The only down side was the number of photo's I took because the kids aren't in any together. hehehehe  Any how here are some pictures of our week, if the pictures bore you I apologize, skip over the pictures and click the funny video of Hannah singing with her letter box.

U Week

Hannah and I played the matching games several time and she has never matched so quickly, I guess giving the right incentive produces results.  Ethan just wanted to "find" the smarties and eat them.

I am always amazed at Hannah's precision and delicacy during activities such as the pin poking.

Ethan was dying to use the pin so it was good opportunity to let him have a go when I could focus on him completely.  The second picture is Ethan's current favorite way to work; on his hands and knees on top of the table.

Ethan enjoyed the U craft until I showed him how to dab his finger into the paint so he could make the rain drops, then he cried.  Hannah loved it.

Hannah and Ethan played very little with the letter box this week.  Probably because there were so few items in it.  The did like matching the objects to the picture on Hannah's ABC book that I made her for her birthday.

What surprised me the most this week was how much Ethan loved the matching puzzle. This is a puzzle from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  It has umbrella pieces that you match by shape.  Hannah did it but complained that her pieces kept "moving"

This last picture is of Hannah is her right out of bed insisting that it was activity time.  She is still in her jammies.

An original untitled song by Hannah

V Week

V letter box: Vase, vine, violin, violet, van, V letters, V bean bag

V is for Velcro- I put Velcro dots on Popsicle sticks.  Hannah and Ethan make things out of them, most obviously shapes, letters, and numbers. The sticks have Velcro on both sides for most of them, some are single sided. (I saw something similar on Chasing Cheerios

Sorting vegetables and fruits (source: KIZ CLUB)
Doting and poking the letter V

Flower arranging.  I took two empty water bottles and cut off the tops (carefully mom) and put tape around the edge to make sure the cut edge is smooth.  Hannah and Ethan can each fill their case with the glass stones to keep it from tipping over and because it sounds neat.  Then they can arrange their violet colored flowers inside.

Tot School

Monday, April 16, 2012

Brothers and Sisters

   One of my deepest desires as a parent is that my children will experience a deep, loving, and enduring relationships with one another as siblings.  I come from a family were I can proudly say that is true.  But I have come to realized lately that this isn't true for everyone and I have a really hard time wrapping my brain around that concept.  My mom used to say (and still does) that because she was an only child she doesn't understand what goes on between her children, that she watches us and it boggles her mind.  Now she is watching Ethan and Hannah and she says the same things.  I don't pretend to really know how to make this happen, but I do see it happening with Hannah and Ethan. 

    I love sitting back and watching them interact with each other.  They love each other and when they are apart they miss one another.  They care for each other and try to do things the other person likes, they get excited just because the other person is excited.  Don't get me wrong, they also fight, yell, and sometimes do things just to bug each other.  But that's normal and I think it in those moments they are learning about relationships and conflict resolution.  It is my prayer Hebrews 10:24-25 will be true for them. 

24 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday Fun

This past Friday the kids, my sister, and I joined some friends for pizza and then some play time at the park. It was a lot of fun and the weather was perfect.  We started off by picking up some pizza from our pizza guy down the street.  Hannah thought it was really funny that we put the pizza under her feet but it made the walk so much easier and the pizza was no worse the the trip.

After our pizza dinner, we went to the park.  I was busy keeping an eye on the kids so I didn't have my camera out except to take the pictures at the swings.  Hannah enjoyed playing with her friends.  It was busy at the park so the swings were on high demand.  We decided to put the kids in together.  It was very cool and I wish I could take credit for this idea myself (Thanks Danielle). If only I knew this sooner I could have avoided a few fights between Hannah and Ethan who both LOVE to swing.

I wish I had taken some pictures of all the kids playing but it will have to wait for next time. As it was Hannah fell off one of the play structures (Don't worry she was okay after some hugs and kisses) so I really have to pay attention.

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