Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday Fun

This past Friday the kids, my sister, and I joined some friends for pizza and then some play time at the park. It was a lot of fun and the weather was perfect.  We started off by picking up some pizza from our pizza guy down the street.  Hannah thought it was really funny that we put the pizza under her feet but it made the walk so much easier and the pizza was no worse the the trip.

After our pizza dinner, we went to the park.  I was busy keeping an eye on the kids so I didn't have my camera out except to take the pictures at the swings.  Hannah enjoyed playing with her friends.  It was busy at the park so the swings were on high demand.  We decided to put the kids in together.  It was very cool and I wish I could take credit for this idea myself (Thanks Danielle). If only I knew this sooner I could have avoided a few fights between Hannah and Ethan who both LOVE to swing.

I wish I had taken some pictures of all the kids playing but it will have to wait for next time. As it was Hannah fell off one of the play structures (Don't worry she was okay after some hugs and kisses) so I really have to pay attention.

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