Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Feeding Nathanael

Nathanael has just started on solid foods and we are easing into it a little slowly.  Nathanael thinks eating is great fun but he is still a bit barfy.  Ethan asked me if he could feed Nathanael and so I handed him the spoon.  Ethan is soooo gentle with his brother it warms my heart.  

I love the intense look Nathanael is giving Ethan.

I think Nathanael wanted more.

Happy Big brother

Happy Little brother

Friday, July 25, 2014

Beach Nights

Toes and shovels in the sand.

Hannah running to change into her bathing suit.

I love these to kids so much.

Nathanael sitting with Grandma and mommy.

He may have tried to snack on a rock.

Enjoying the tide coming in quickly.

My fish.

Beards and Bear Hugs

Andrew got back earlier this from being gone 7 days to hike the West Coast Trail.  He arrived back having not shaved the entire time he was gone and the kids were surprised to see his new "face" (me too since I'm not a super big fan of facial hair).

Seeing Daddy for the first time.

I love Hannah look as she inspects his face.

She wasn't too weird-ed out to keep from hugging him.

Ethan wanted him to shave right away.

Hugs to welcome daddy back.

Happy to have him home (even in this condition).

I love you Andrew and I am glad you are home safely in one piece.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Happy VBS kids.  I love the blue shirts.

Grandma meets Charlotte

My grandma finally got a chance to meet baby Charlotte at a recent family dinner.
GG and Charlotte

Gamma and Nathanael

Teresa and Hannah

My sweet and cute Ethan

The gathering.

I love how I caught both Ben playing with Nathanael (he calls him Baby Nate) as well as Kevin showing Hannah howto hold Charlotte.

Amanda and Chris.

Girl Bonding

As the only 2 girl cousins I see matching pink outfits in there future.  Here is a picture I found of the 2 of them getting to know one another.  :D

Hannah loves to get in a good cuddle and enjoys her role as oldest most responsible babysitter.

Even Nathanael enjoys a little bonding with Charlotte.

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