Monday, August 22, 2016

Family Camp

We had such a great time at family camp this year.  Hannah and Ethan love the freedom to roam away out of sight.  It's great to have time to relax and hang out with everyone.

It is so pretty at Cedar Springs. 

 Last year was so hot and dry but this year it was cool and very green.

My pretty little Elly enjoying the flowers.

Nathanael played hard and slept well.

Off to be with the kids.

Playing ball.

Andrew and Ethan playing soccer.

Waiting for the big group games to start.

Needing a rest with Daddy.

The big group games.  We played jumbo speed scrabble as well as a water game.

Nathanael pushing Ellyana around right into the beg game of football.

Paddle boating.

I was so surprised that Nathanael ventured out.  He generally refuses.  They all had fun.

Nathanael even went in the canoe with Andrew and Hannah.

Finally alone with Daddy. Hannah really wanted to go with only Andrew which is difficult to do with her brothers around.

"Fling me" all weekend long.  Josh was a great sport.

Kids playing their group games.  Sadie and Civia were amazing with the kids.

Andrew and I with our baby.

Balloon sword.

Bubble painting.

Ethan and Civia

Best friends.

Love these boys.

Asa and Ellyana; so cute.

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