Sunday, October 23, 2011

Letter J

Back on  track with the Letter J.  Hannah has been asking me for some activities so I know that she is more than ready to get started.  Here are some of the activities I have ready for the letter J.

The J letter box:  Juice, Jug, Jelly Beans, Jaguar, Jewel, Jeans, J's and Bean Bag J

Forming the Letter J with marbles.  I marked out the Letter J with hole punch circles.

This isn't a Letter J activity but I know both Hannah and Ethan are going to love it.  It is an open and close activity.  In each container is something different.  There are Hair ties in the tall container, each section comes apart.  A bouncy ball in the play dough container, a bell in the ring box, linking cubes in each section of the pill container, and finally a piece of card and two clothes pins (to practice clipping)  in the clear box.

Counting Jelly Beans 1-6.

Sorting jelly beans by color.

Dot a Dot - Letter J (You can find the printable here)

Fabric Matching; this is an extension of J is for Jeans.  I took swatches of different materials and  made a matching game.  It will also be good for talking about different kinds of fabric and how they each feel.

I also have some fun other things planned for the week.  Stay tuned for more.
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Linder said...

Hi, I'm visiting from your link on tot school. Looks like a fun week! On your marble activity, what kind of tray are you using to put the marbles into?

Kalista said...

Popping over from Tot School!

Love the activities you've got there. The fabric matching game is great, I think I'll do that this week!

Beth said...

What fun J stuff! I love all the tactile things!
I would love for you to link up at Living Life Intentionally’s Linky party - ~Beth

Jenny said...

There are so many great learning activities here! Thanks for sharing!

Stopping in from Tot School.

Anonymous said...

Hopping over from Living Life Intentionally Linky Party. Thanks for sharing these fun ideas.

Our Country Road said...

I love your cute trays-especially the open and close tray. I love the fun things you put in your containers! Thanks for linking up to Pinterest Tuesday!

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