Saturday, October 1, 2011

Letter I Wrap-Up

As Letter I has come to a close, its time for the wrap-up the activities that Hannah and I did together.  This was  a hard letter for me.  I haven't been feeling great and its hard to concentrate when I have a headache, Never-the-less, Hannah and I manage to get way more done then I  thought.  We will be taking a short break before starting J and K in order to do some Thanksgiving and Fall activities.  But before that have a look at what he did for the Letter I:

We explored our letter box together.

Ethan is very interested in letters right now and points them out all the time.
I love the bruise in the center of his head.

Ice ball fun.
We did two I crafts: Ice Cream

and our iguana.

As well as several  insect activities.

What did you enjoy most?

1 comment:

Linder said...

Those ice balls look so fun :) Thanks for all the great ideas!

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