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Week 8 - Letter H

Week 8 - Letter H

Math: This week for a math activity I handed out some foam hearts and a dish each.  My plan was to say a number and have them count out the appropriate number of hearts.  They both did this a grand total of once. hehehehe  Instead they wanted paper and crayons so they could make some heart cards.  For the record, I have no idea what is going on with Hannah's hair in these pictures.

 Art: For the art activity for H week.  Hannah and Ethan made houses out of paper bags.  First, I asked Hannah and Ethan what they wanted their houses to look like (doors and windows) and drew on the details.  Then they colored their houses.  To finish, we stuffed the houses with paper towel and stapled a colored paper roof on top.  Hannah thought our houses needed people so she decorated the window sill for me.  The bottom picture is of Hannah and Ethan proudly showing their finished houses to Andrew.

Nature Study:  Was totally forgotten.  As it was, we hardly went outside with the weather so rainy and cold.  

Reading and Language Arts: This week we read Prayer for a Child by Elizabeth Orton Jones and illustrated by Rachel Field.  As usual Hannah and Ethan both think this book was not only written for them but about them.  At least in this instance it's understandably  The dedication page has the picture of a little girl (who looks remarkable like Hannah) with the dedication For Hannah. Now Hannah can spot her name a mile away and thinks this is great. Further into the book is a picture of the little girl and her brother.  I'm just glad that they don't think we need a cat after reading the book.  

Hannah and Ethan even got a chance to read their H book with Daddy which is always a exciting thing.  Our activity page for the letter H was a Hippo which we painted and sprinkled salt a glittery effect, which in my opinion did not work.  But they enjoyed sprinkling it.

Faith Foundation: This week we started out lesson about our feet.  We are looking at how God created us and made us special.  Our verse is Deut 5:33 Walk in all the way that the LORD your God has commanded you.  We looked at the different things we can do with our feet.  
We also made a footprint poster.  I set up a large piece of paper and with a paint tray on one end and a soapy water bin on the other side.  Hannah and Ethan took turns walking on the paper with their paint covered feet.  Looking back I wish I could done this different.  Next time I would use one color for Hannah and one color for Ethan.  Our footprints ended up quite muddy looking.  Oh well.

Just for Fun:  These were some activities they Hannah enjoyed the last time we did the letter H.  I pulled them out and Ethan liked them too.  The first was hammering golf tees and balancing marbles. 
 The second was building towers with our odd H shaped pieces.  I have no idea what these are or their intended purpose.  But they liked the.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

This past week we went to the pumpkin patch.  Hannah was desperate to go.  Every time she sees a pumpkin she reminds me that we went last year and that we NEED to go again.  This week we finally made it although it was touch and go with the weather.  We were joined by my sister and baby Ben, as well as very good friends of ours and their lovely children.
When we arrived you come through a very cute booth into the farm area.  It is very big.  The kids got a kick out of the bin of gourds.  

The pumpkin patch was quite a far way off.

No problem because they tow you their in a hay wagon.

First, we needed to look at the soft and fuzzy bunnies.

Even Ben was trying to catch a peek.  But it wasn't easy all tied up in his snugly.

So cute. 

Me and Ethan on the wagon ride.

The wagon stops short of the pumpkin patch and instead you make your way through a corn maze.  I use that term loosely because all paths lead out.

Here are the three big kids with some pumpkins (we were really mean and made them leave them).

I tried to get Hannah and Ethan to sit with Moses on the big pumpkin but they were convinced the wagon was going to leave with out them and would NOT sit down.

They had a goat petting zoo.

Sticking their heads in for a peek.


Then they were all off on a luxury cruise.

This pit of sand with digging toys was fun its just too bad that it started to drizzle and we had to leave.

Finally for our posed pumpkin shot.  I don't know why I bother.  No one was looking at me and Hannah picked the creepiest pumpkin with an equally weird smile.  Oh well in the words of my father "A good time was had by all".

Thursday, October 25, 2012


It appears my garbage can as thrown up the alphabet.  Actually, this is what Ethan considers cleaning up.  I'm just glad he didn't put them in the garbage.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 7 - Letter G

I sat down to finish this post and I totally forgot and lost track of time.  Now I only have 15 minutes before rest time is over so I will attempt to finish it.

Math: For our G week math activity we used green bears to practice identifying groups that have either more bears or fewer bears.  I made it extra difficult for Hannah by using different sized bears.  So 5 small bears looks like a smaller group then 3 larger bears, so Hannah really had to think about what I was asking each time.

 Art:  G art was all about glue.  Fill some old lids with glue (the white kind) and add beads.  When it is dry (took 3 days) pop out the bead circle and hang up for a neat sun catcher.  Hannah loves anything that requires decorations so this was more up her ally.  Ethan liked it but didn't want glue covered fingers.

Nature Study:  Grass was our subject during G week.  First, Hannah and Ethan looked at a piece of grass to see the different parts.  Then for fun they glued grass to a piece of paper that we later cut out into the shape of G.  If you going to do this avoid the trouble we had cut out the G's first and then glue on some grass. Most of the grass fell off when the paper was cut.  Here is where I got the idea.

Reading and Language Arts:  For our G activity pages, Hannah and Ethan painted/dot painted their G, painted their guppy (or to them a goldfish) and added glitter to make it sparkle.

We read Count Your Blessings, by Patricia Reeder Ewbank.  But mostly we forgot.  We have read this book many times and Hannah and Ethan enjoy searching for the items on each page. Oh well.

Count Your Blessings
Count Your Blessings, by Patricia Reeder Ewbank

Faith Foundation: The week we did G, was the week after Thanksgiving.  So our lesson was on being thankful and our source for all things.  Some of the things we did included a Thanksgiving matching game, a story using picture cards, and some pumpkin art.

Just for Fun: Hannah and Ethan played lots and I always enjoy watching what they choose to play with at the table.  For Ethan it was clothes pins and a can.  Hannah was playing with the sound eggs as well as a magnet story book.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Activities

Here is a look at the activities we have for fall this year.  Nearly all of them our leftover from last year.  So nice just to pull something out at be done.

Maple Leaf stamping

Pom Pom transferring with a small spoon.

Patterns, Sorting, Counting etc

Fall Rice box

Felt Pumpkin Decorating 

Fits nicely in the bin.  Now I just need to remember to pull it out.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Skytrain Adventure

I meant to post this on Monday but it's now Thursday and I am not sure what happened to the last couple of days.  hehehehe.  Monday is Andrew's day off and probably the kids favorite day of the week (mine too).  Monday morning Hannah woke up with the idea that we should all ride the Skytrain (the equivalent to an above ground subway).  In fact, I walked into Hannah's room to hear her tell Ethan that we were going to ride it that day.  Since, we had nothing else planned we thought it was a great idea.  Here is a little look at our day:


Of course we had to buy tickets (the kids were both free).

Hannah handing me my ticket.  She was VERY excited. She bounced as we walked into the station.

Their first look out the window.


Our destination was the Vancouver Public Library.  Its the second larges library in Canada and has a fun children's department.  Its also free.

  The building is really cool to look at.

Hehehehe  Andrew and I enjoy watching the show Fringe.  Its filmed in Vancouver, the library also happens to be one of the setting locations.  Anyway, here is a screen shot of the library from the show.  No its not New York.

Besides books there were lots of games, toys, and puzzles.

On the way back to the Skytrain we found a fountain they enjoyed sticking their hands in.

I'm not sure but I wondered of Ethan thought the bull was real.

I was a bit camera happy.  Driving Andrew a little nuts.

Pretty stained glass window.

On the way back.

Mommy and Ethan.

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