Thursday, October 11, 2012

Humor in the Flops

 I thought I would share one of my recent flops.  I had high hopes for this activity.  Actually, I have high hopes for anything I personally make for the kids.  Sometimes they love it and sometimes they do not.  That's life right?  However, it can be be disappointing and or discouraging too.  I try really hard to amuse myself at their refusal to think that everything I do or make is AMAZING.

Recently, I made some play dough mats for Hannah and Ethan.  On one side are the letter A-E, and on the flip side is the outline of a face with the features removed.  I laminated them and waited.  I waited for Hannah or Ethan to suggest we play with play dough and I didn't wait long.

So I brought out the mats got our the play dough.  They sat virtually unused.  Ethan happily stuffed play dough into the rolling pin.  Hannah cut snakes into hundreds of pieces.  Oh well another time perhaps. :D

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