Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 4: Letter D

Math: We had lots of fun with D week, and so for Math I thought I would pull out our "diamonds" to play with and count.  This pack of gems comes with light  blue, dark blue, and clear diamonds (I got it from the dollar store) and Hannah thought they were beautiful. We played a simple counting game where the first person counts their dish of diamonds by taking one diamond out of their dish a putting it into the next dish.  Then the next person takes their turn.  I know it's not much of a game but they enjoyed it and it good practice at counting each object ONLY one time.

 Art:  We made dot pictures with dot stickers.
I made little colored x's on the paper and they matched them up with the corresponding colored dots.

Nature Study:  This week was pretty low key nature-wise.  My cousin gave me the fun idea of filling up an egg carton with rocks (thanks Heather).  We gave it a shot and it was a definite success. Hannah already has a thing for rocks (as does her mother and grandmother) so I knew she would enjoy the addition of the egg carton.

Reading and Language Arts: Our book for this week was "Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?" by Nancy White Carlstrom.  This book was one I really enjoyed.  It tells the story of a young bear and his day.  It has a sing-song rhythm and it captivated both Ethan and Hannah.  One of the things we did to go along with the book was our 3 Bears puzzle.

We also worked on the letter D activity page.  I asked them how they wanted to decorate their page; Ethan wanted to use the dot markers and Hannah chose to paint.

Faith Foundation:  This week we finished up the lesson that we started during Letter C week.  If  your reading this section and wondering to yourself:  "What is it we do for faith formation?"  Rest assured I understand your confusion because I have been having a truly hard time writing about it in such a way that it is clear.  Each lesson is set up with various songs, games, activities and such and most of the time I am too involved to take any pictures. This week I took some pictures of the kids re-telling the story I told them using our picture cards.  They each took turns and while one person played with the story pictures the other played in the rice bin (I added dinosaurs and D's for fun).  

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