Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cat Craft

My sweet Hannah was not so sweet this evening when it was time for bed.  As a result, it is way later than it should be and I am way more tired than I expected.  Nevertheless,  here is the cat craft that Hannah and I did yesterday. I precut the pieces  (you can find a template here to print out, but I just drew it out by hand).  I showed Hannah where to glue on the pieces and then handed her the glue stick and we went one piece at a time.

All Set!

Sticking the pieces down.

hmmmm whats next?

Gluing on the tail.

All done.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Letter C Activites

Hannah and I are almost ready to move on to the Letter D  with a full week of holidays in the mix it stretched out our time but Hannah doesn't seem to mind or notice.  We did some fun activities and tried some new things, in addition to going through our letter C box many times.  All in all, I was pretty happy with what we did, have a look at our highlights:

1.  We sorted "C's by color and then tried to count them. (They C toys are links).
She did not want to count the orange ones.


2.  We car painted (read here if you missed it).

3.  We put magnets on the letter Cs in the picture of the cat.  (This printable is from Carisa @ Tot School Printables)
Hannah loved using the magnets on the cookie sheet.

She did the activity several times in a row.

 4.  We swirled Colors-  Okay so this one wasn't technically a letter C activity. But it is why we did it when we did. (Have a look here if you missed this one).  NOTE- I added a link to an explanation of the science behind the swirling effect.  So if you want to know why, have a look.

 5.  We made a cat, stay tuned tomorrow for some more pictures of Hannah making her cat.

5.  We colored pictures of things that start with C. ( More from Tot school printables).

I really enjoy this, I hope Hannah does as much as I do.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Swirly Color Fun

As a fun activity when Hannah got up from her nap today I decided it it was time to swirl colors.  I have been dying to do this for awhile ( I read about here Wonder Years) and I thought it would be fun.  Even Andrew and Ethan stood around watching.  Andrew watched, Ethan cried.  This was super easy to set up and do, Hannah followed instructions very well.

All you need to start is a dish of milk (the higher the milk fat the better), several drops of food coloring in different colors, some dish soap (thats in the little dish) and some q-tips.

All Hannah had to do to get the colors swirling is dip the q-tip into the dish soap and then into the milk mixture.  DO NOT STIR, just dip.  Hannah stirred hers until it was a lovely shade of grey.

I love the pretty colors and swirly pattern we got, I think Hannah and I will have to try this again soon.

Another variation is to drip the liquid dish soap directly into the bowl for greater movement and swirly effect.  So next time I think we will try it that way.

Why does the color swirl????  I looked it up and I really liked Steve Splangler's explanation, check out the link if your interested.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I miss my babies.

Note:  In the picture Hannah is touching her neck, she just told her daddy that she needed more neck because she heard me say that I didn't have any neck in a picture.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kasugai Garden

This afternoon Andrew and I went to Kasugai gardens after church.  It is a Japanese garden in honour of Kelowna's sister city Kasugai, Japan.  The garden was built in 1981 and was worth seeing.  It reminded Andrew and I of the Japanese garden inside of Buschard Garden in Victoria (maybe a little smaller).  It was really beautiful and I could have stayed much longer than we did already.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa's

Well we put the kids in the car and hoped they would sleep away they 4.5 hour trip to Andrews parents house, and Ethan mostly did stay quiet.  Hannah was awake the entire time and every time she saw mommy doze off she would yell "mommy wake up".  Its a good thing I love her because I prefer to sleep in the car and  constantly falling asleep and being jarred awake was a bit much.

These are some of my favorite pictures from the car trip:

After we arrived, the kids played, explored, went into the little wading pool and mostly wanted nothing to do with Andrew or I.  We enjoy visiting Andrew parents and the kids do too.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Flower Painting

Hannah, Ethan, and Andrew gave me a beautiful card and flowers for Mother's Day.  They have been proudly sitting on my kitchen table since then and every day Hannah points to them and makes a comment about the pretty card and flowers.  Once she even tried to climb right up onto the table and see them.  

My beautiful present
Unfortunately, cut flowers don't last forever and I knew it was really getting close to the time when I needed to get rid of them, which is usually several days after I should have done it.

Sad, droopy flowers.
After car painting (a post I did earlier, have a look here), I thought it might be fun to paint with flowers too.  I chose two of the better flowers (less droopy) and checked to make sure there were no thorns on the stems.  Then I put out some paint and paper for Hannah and I to use.  

All set.
Next, I quickly painted on some green stems for Hannah and I.

Next, we dipped our flowers in the paint and swirled the flowers a bit to make sure they were covered well and pressed the paint covered flower onto the paper.

Very concentrated.
She stamped a few times and then switched to a brush.

Now I can enjoy my mother's day flowers even longer.
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