Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank You Cards

Birthday girl opening presents
After Hannah's birthday party, I was trying to think of a cute way for her to thank people for the gifts that she was generously given. At 2 years old she can't write thank you cards, but I came up with a cute little card for her to help me make. I think they turned out well. The only problem is I should have made one for myself.

If you would like to make one too, this you can do it too.
What you will need:
Tempera Paint
paper towel and a plate
green, red, and white paper (or whatever you like)
black pen

First place a paper paper on a plate.  I used one of Hannah's plastic plates then put some paint on the paper towel.  I put yellow towards the bottom, and red above the yellow and in the middle where the two colors mixed it became the lovely orange/red color.  You could choose any color combinations.  The paint will soak into the paper towel.  Using the paper towel for printing helps to avoid getting to much paint on the paper.  You also get more texture and color mixing than if you use stamps.  Place your child's hand in the paint and then press onto the white paper and repeat until you have as many prints as you need.  Set aside until dry.

Next, cut out some leaves and stem shapes for each palm print with the green paper and some flower pots with the red paper. 

When the paint is dry.  Glue all the pieces together and you will have a lovely flower hand print.  Use your black pen or marker to write thank you across the palm and a message on the flower pot.

 Note:  If your reading this and your thinking I didn't get one.  No fear they have not all been passed out yet.  :D


Belledancr - becky said...

What a wonder idea for thank you cards! so creative!

Jenna said...

What a great idea! Thank you! Gonna have my kids make these for thank you notes for Christmas presents. I enjoy your blog.

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