Friday, May 20, 2011

Flower Painting

Hannah, Ethan, and Andrew gave me a beautiful card and flowers for Mother's Day.  They have been proudly sitting on my kitchen table since then and every day Hannah points to them and makes a comment about the pretty card and flowers.  Once she even tried to climb right up onto the table and see them.  

My beautiful present
Unfortunately, cut flowers don't last forever and I knew it was really getting close to the time when I needed to get rid of them, which is usually several days after I should have done it.

Sad, droopy flowers.
After car painting (a post I did earlier, have a look here), I thought it might be fun to paint with flowers too.  I chose two of the better flowers (less droopy) and checked to make sure there were no thorns on the stems.  Then I put out some paint and paper for Hannah and I to use.  

All set.
Next, I quickly painted on some green stems for Hannah and I.

Next, we dipped our flowers in the paint and swirled the flowers a bit to make sure they were covered well and pressed the paint covered flower onto the paper.

Very concentrated.
She stamped a few times and then switched to a brush.

Now I can enjoy my mother's day flowers even longer.

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