Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Letter Box C

Hannah and I have finally moved from letter B to letter C.  She was super excited when she noticed her Letter C box on her shelf yesterday afternoon.  I'm glad we took a little longer with B.  She has figured out now that each letter has its own name and has picked up C really quickly.  Have a look:

Inside the box:  car, cow, camel, cat, comb, cup, 
carrots, cookie, the letter C magnets, and a
 Cc bean bag.

Hannah trying to see whats inside.

She was excited to see another bean bag.

Matching the magnet C to the C on the front of the box.
I'm excited for the next week or so because I have some great C activities and crafts planned.


Charlotte said...

You've got me looking forward to what's in store too!!!

sharon lo said...

can i send my kids over for edumacation? :) you're such a great mom with great ideas!

Kristina said...

Thanks Charlotte, thanks Sharon. I appreciate it. :D

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