Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cotton balls, Glue, and Sanity

So yesterday morning after losing the the final remnant of my sanity, I handed my two year old daughter Hannah a bottle of white glue and said "entertain yourself, mommy will be in the closet!"

If you know me, I have NEVER given Hannah full reign of the white glue.  A glue stick sure, not the white glue, it's too messy, and I am convinced she will suck it dry.

This is what happened:

Ethan was screaming, had been screaming all morning, he wanted to be held, when I held him he wanted to be put down.  He's got the stomach flu so I am trying to make him feel better but I was at a loss yesterday as to what would help.  He was a raving lunatic every time he saw food so I knew he was hungry.  But he couldn't keep his toast down earlier, so I was being very careful what I was feeding him despite what he might have wanted.

Hannah being a typical 2 year old wanted mommy attention and wanted to play with Ethan.  She was frustrated when neither happened.

The house was a mess.

Mommy was tired and had a HUGE migraine.


I ended up throwing the screaming Ethan in the play pen.  I figure if he was going to scream, it might as well not be in my ear. Buckled Hannah into her highchair and put her bib on.  I gave her a piece of paper, a handful of cotton balls, and the bottle of glue.

She looked at me and said 3 words.  "Mommy do it", she knows how we do things around here.  I told her she could do and she didn't look back.  Thankfully, this entertained her for awhile, she did not eat the glue, and most surprisingly, she did not make a mess.

I found the CLOSET.....Actually, the Tylenol and then I fed Ethan.

Turns out he has been cranky because he is teething his top front teeth that with being sick.  Would wouldn't be cranky.


Charlotte said...

For you to have had such a day PLUS being able to take pictures and blog so nicely about what happened is a feat in itself, migraine notwithstanding!

Kristina said...

Charlotte you are too funny.

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