Monday, May 30, 2011

Letter C Activites

Hannah and I are almost ready to move on to the Letter D  with a full week of holidays in the mix it stretched out our time but Hannah doesn't seem to mind or notice.  We did some fun activities and tried some new things, in addition to going through our letter C box many times.  All in all, I was pretty happy with what we did, have a look at our highlights:

1.  We sorted "C's by color and then tried to count them. (They C toys are links).
She did not want to count the orange ones.


2.  We car painted (read here if you missed it).

3.  We put magnets on the letter Cs in the picture of the cat.  (This printable is from Carisa @ Tot School Printables)
Hannah loved using the magnets on the cookie sheet.

She did the activity several times in a row.

 4.  We swirled Colors-  Okay so this one wasn't technically a letter C activity. But it is why we did it when we did. (Have a look here if you missed this one).  NOTE- I added a link to an explanation of the science behind the swirling effect.  So if you want to know why, have a look.

 5.  We made a cat, stay tuned tomorrow for some more pictures of Hannah making her cat.

5.  We colored pictures of things that start with C. ( More from Tot school printables).

I really enjoy this, I hope Hannah does as much as I do.

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