Tuesday, April 21, 2015

6 Years Ago

Hannah, Ethan and I spent the morning looking at pictures and videos of Uncle Nick.  I happily shared stories with them as they asked questions about him.  

Paging through the photo book Teresa made of all of Nicks pictures.  They especially like this and enjoy pointing out all the people they know and see in each photo.

They also wrote about Nick in their journals this morning. I LOVED what they wrote.  This is Ethan's page and he dictated to me what he wanted me to write after he drew his picture.  It says, "This is Uncle Nick and I eating ice cream.  After we eat ice cream we go back to Uncle Nick's and watch Star Wars".

Hannah drew a picture of a helicopter and wrote, "This is a helicopter. I am in this helicopter with Uncle Nick and Auntie Teresa and Auntie Amanda and Mommy".

Today I feel cranky and sad.  I am thankful for all the pictures, videos and memories.  I am thankful that my kids are able to know my brother through myself and the rest of their family.  But today it just doesn't feel like enough.  

Just for fun:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Kids in Print.

This is a picture of my Sonlight homeschool catalog which came out at the beginning of April.  I finally got my paper copy last week and what seemed like weeks of checking my mailbox (160 pages of homeschool wonderfulness).  We have been using Sonlight for 2 years now and LOVE it. 

Flipping through my catalog I was so excited to see my kids on page 31. Every year Sonlight does a photo contest.  The winning photo is put on the cover (and you win a prize).  As you can see the cover above is a pretty professional looking picture or maybe it's the chicken.  Regardless none of the pictures that I submitted even stood a chance. 

 1 of the 3 photo's I did submit was picked to be in the catalog and even though I didn't win a prize I do feel a bit a pride seeing their beautiful faces on page 31.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Dinner

Easter dinner went so well.  We had a great time relaxing and enjoying one another.  The kids got to look for eggs. Mom made a very delicious dinner that everyone enjoyed (except Hannah but she doesn't count).

Papa and Charlotte

Andrew's mom and Nathanael.

Getting ready to look for eggs.  I think Nathanael was cheating a bit by edging out early before I said go.

Ben and his first egg.

Turns out one was enough.  Such restraint.

Hannah and Ethan.

Even Charlotte got an egg.

Dad cutting the turkey.

All the grandkids.

Andrew and his favorite niece.  Look at the love.

Hannah needed some love too.

Snuggles with this boy.

Everyone tries to get in on the action.


Kevin and Ben.

In deep conversation.

Andrew's Parents.

Matching Easter Jammies.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hannah's 6th Birthday!!!

Tomorrow is Hannah's 6th birthday.  I cannot even believe that she will six.  I will be enjoying the rest of the day with my 5 year old.  It's an extra special birthday because she was born on a Sunday and it falls on Easter this year.  Today, I had a great time celebrating the birthday girl at her rainbow birthday party. Here is photo bomb of the afternoon. :D

Hanging out while most of the kids (minus the babies) ran around upstairs.

The cake and rainbow sugar cookies.  Hannah made the cake topper.

Rainbow fruit made by my very talented Mom.


Me and Andrew.

Teresa, Amanda, and Charlotte. She is so cute.

Nathanael with his grandma's.  It's hard to take pictures of Hannah when she was too busy playing.

Hannah, Moses, and Ethan made an appearance.

Ben with his bunny face,

Eating some yummy food.

Finally a picture of me and my girl. Yes, we both wore pink on purpose.

Brother and sister love.

Blowing out the candles and making a wish.

Inside the cake. :D

Of course there were presents and Nathanael was eager to see inside the paper.

Moses made Hannah a picture.

The Party.

Happy Birthday Hannah.

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