Tuesday, April 21, 2015

6 Years Ago

Hannah, Ethan and I spent the morning looking at pictures and videos of Uncle Nick.  I happily shared stories with them as they asked questions about him.  

Paging through the photo book Teresa made of all of Nicks pictures.  They especially like this and enjoy pointing out all the people they know and see in each photo.

They also wrote about Nick in their journals this morning. I LOVED what they wrote.  This is Ethan's page and he dictated to me what he wanted me to write after he drew his picture.  It says, "This is Uncle Nick and I eating ice cream.  After we eat ice cream we go back to Uncle Nick's and watch Star Wars".

Hannah drew a picture of a helicopter and wrote, "This is a helicopter. I am in this helicopter with Uncle Nick and Auntie Teresa and Auntie Amanda and Mommy".

Today I feel cranky and sad.  I am thankful for all the pictures, videos and memories.  I am thankful that my kids are able to know my brother through myself and the rest of their family.  But today it just doesn't feel like enough.  

Just for fun:

1 comment:

Liesel Rios said...

1.) I love the blatant gum chewing.
2.) "It's off, Amanda, it's off!" I may never be assured of those words from your mouth ever again.
Thanks for sharing!

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