Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ellyana Lynn

Even though I've had myself on a self-imposed blog sabbatical I can't help but post about our lovely and sweet new addition to our family.  Ellyana Lynn is a wonderful as I could have ever imagined. We are so blessed and thankful to have her as part of our now family of six. She fits our family as if she has always been here with us.

I had this sweetest nicest doctor.  Actually, I've had the best doctors and nurses the whole time.  But it was a nice surprise to be in such good care during delivery since you never know who your going to get.  It's why I had all my babies in Maple Ridge.  Incidentally, all four babies were born in the same room at the same hospital.  Each and every time I went to the hospital I was the only one in labour and was given the choice of rooms.  It's the same hospital I was born in too.  I like the continuity.  

  She was born Dec 17th and weighed 8 lbs 8 oz and is our biggest but not longest baby at 22 inches just a little shorter than her brother Nathanael.  Her birth was super fast.  We were at the hospital exactly 1 hour when she was born screaming her little lungs out.  She is a great eater and already a pretty good sleeper (during the day).  

Her name Ellyana means "My God Answers".  Andrew and I love the meaning and pray that Ellyana will know this truth also.  Her middle name Lynn is after her grandmothers who share the name.  We chose to spell Lynn after Andrew's mom (without out the e on the end).  Now each grandchild has a name from one of each of the grandparents.  (Seriously I could not have planned this better.  It makes me very happy).  Hannah Mary is named after my mom, Ethan James Nicholas is named after Andrew's Dad, Nathanael David is named after my dad, and finally Ellyana Lynn after Andrew's Mom.

Seriously squishy cheeks.  

Hannah is my little baby whisperer and can put Elly to sleep when I need a hand (which is often). 

Ethan is so sweet and thoughtful and is often reminding me of things and bringing me things.

Poor Nathanael desperately wants to walk around with his sister and have his "turn" too.  Thankfully, they are all adjusting quite well to her presence and needs.

Here is her coming home pictures.  She looks so little in the carseat.  She actually seems to like the seat despite her initial reaction which bodes well because we are off to see Andrew's parents soon and it's a long car ride with a crying baby.

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