Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cultural Exchange "Spoiler Alert"

Note:  If you are part of my cultural exchange, you should STOP reading now, otherwise it will spoil your surprise when you receive your package.  If your not, continue reading because I am super excited about this cultural exchange.  Back at the end of June, Melissa from Chasing Cheerios came up with this great idea of putting packages together about your country and exchanging them with other families who live in different countries from you.  The idea is to be able to teach your children about other countries and cultures (Speaking as a geography major, I was ecstatic).  But by the time I heard about it, she didn't need anyone else from Canada.  I thought I was out of luck. However, because she had such an overwhelming response she organized more groups for people to be apart of  all the fun.  I was super excited when I got an email confirming that I was in a group and got to work on the things I wanted to include in my packages.  Here is what I put in the packages:

My package ready to mail.

Souvenir-ish items-pencil, postcards, stickers, and a Canadian Flag.

I made passports for each child and then wrote a letter all about our family and Canada.  The fun part was writing the letter from Hannah's point of view.

Food Items:  Grocery store flyer, Canadian napkins, chocolate Toonies, maple candy and Tim Hortons Tea.

Currency Items: Stamps, play money, and some coins.

Natural Items:  Sand, Sea glass, shells, and a maple leaf.

Printables:  I created a bunch of printables.  There are coloring pages, 3part cards of  Canadian animals, recipes, crafts, and more that you can't see in the photo.  There are also coloring sheets for each province (by crayola).

Okay, its official I am now nervous.  I hope everyone who receives my packages loves them as much as I did putting them together.

Super big thanks to Tracey and my mom for printing everything for me.

If you are interested in a copy of the printables for yourself.  Email me and I can send you a copy.
kristinademoline at gmail dot com

Monday, August 29, 2011

G- is for Green Salad and Goats

Today (as is most Mondays) was spent doing errands.  We were home in time for lunch and then nap time.  We managed to squeeze in two fun activities this afternoon.  First, we matched colored pom poms to the corresponding goat.  I didn't have a gray pom pom so I colored a white one gray with a marker.

This printable is from Tot School Printables.

She was into the activity at first.

But she quickly lost interest.

Ethan played with his gears and cogs toy.

The second activity was a huge favorite for both Hannah and Ethan.  I took the streamers headed for the garbage can and put them in a huge bowl.  I thought it looked like salad.  I hid some green objects in the "salad".  I put in some green felt food, Lego, and some bear counters.
Looks yummy.

She searched gingerly at first.

The she went wild.

Even Ethan grabbed a hold and started pulling.

Funny boy.

They played with the streamers for a good 40 minutes.  Even found a box for added fun.

Walking through the grass.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big News!!!!

Hannah is sleeping in a BIG girl bed today.  We converted her crib to a toddler bed (Super Easy).  It started when Hannah brought home some new bedding after a sleepover at Gama Gama and Papa's house (Thank you Mom and Dad).  It is a really pretty pink twin bed set (okay mom I got the not so subtle hint).  It was obvious Hannah wanted to use it.  So we went with that excitement and converted her crib.  The blanket is too big but I folded in half and made it work.  Who knows maybe it will keep her from falling out.
This is Hannah in her new bed, silly girl would not crack a smile.
 In order to minimize the nightly disturbance that might occur should she fall out of bed, I took my HUGE pillow (that I brought home from Korea, it bulged out my suitcase, but that is another story all together) and put it in the "fall zone".
Ready for action.

We also child proofed the closet.

Tomorrow, I will install the doorknob thing so she can't get out during nap time.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bumps, Lumps, and Grapes

Today was one those days that FELT so long.  It probably had to do with being up so early. This morning Andrew and I took Ethan to Children's Hospital to see an ophthalmologist.  He has a lump beside his eye and he needed it looked at.  Our appointment was originally scheduled for January but we were on the cancellation list (yeah).
According to the Doctor it is a:

Periorbital dermoid cyst

Dermoid cysts can appear in young children, often near the lateral aspect of the eyebrow (right part of the right eyebrow or left part of the left eyebrow). They often have a rubbery feel. These are sometimes watched and sometimes excised. An inflammatory reaction can occur if the dermoid cyst is disrupted.

She wants it removed, so we see a surgeon in November, unless it gets noticeable bigger, then we go sooner.

Right eye shows it well.

After nap time (which Ethan did not participate in), Hannah and I did a few activities together. First, we sponge painted some grapes (for our g activities).  I drew some leaves and stems on a piece of card stock, cut some sponges into circles, and got out our purple paint. (I saw this activity here on A Little Learning for Two.)

The setup.

Hannah's face when she saw the paint.

She liked sucking up the paint with the sponge.

Making grapes.

Mommy's grapes.

Hannah and her finished grapes, I think she may have eaten some because her chin is purple.

Next, we played with a sponge and some water. (I saw this idea on The Wonder Years).  The idea is to transfer water from one dish to the other.
The set up.
She let the sponge suck up water from the first bowl.

Then she squeezed the water into the second.

Finally, she poured the water on the tray and practiced cleaning it up.

I have had this idea for a while.  Each week I will ask Hannah to draw me a picture and then narrate what she draws so I can write it down.  It will be fun to see the progression of her drawing skills.  She has just recently started describing what she draws so I know I could start.
Who does not LOVE school supplies.  

Her first drawing.  She drew a flake and a circle.  I'm not sure what she meant by a flake but I wrote it down anyway.

Now on to the weekend.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

G is for good day

We had a really good day today, everyone was in a pretty great mood.  Ethan wanted to be involved in everything Hannah did, it was really cute watching them together.  Usually, Ethan is off on his own running around but today he stayed and sat with Hannah and I as we did things.  This morning we played with the things in our G box.  

Ethan waited so patiently for Hannah to open the box.

Ethan loved pulling everything out and filling it back up again.

Hannah's favorite was the goggles.

Later, Hannah and I practiced the letters we have done so far with this cute little puzzle from the dollar store.  I really liked that the letters come apart so you can a few at a time.

She happily did the puzzle twice.

We also had time to do some play dough gardening.  I even put in some real flowers this time.

She added the flowers very delicately and precisely.

She wanted it just so.

Ethan did a good job of keeping the play dough out of his mouth for a change (usually he is exiled before we even start).
 After nap time, we walked over to Hannah friends house (where my sister was babysitting the girls) and had a mini pool party.
The "waterside" was a huge hit.

Ethan didn't have much luck going up the slide.

When Hannah, Ethan, and I got home we continued the fun outside and I put our slide in our little pool.
Yes a good day was had by all.

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