Friday, August 12, 2011

F-Feet Fish

Hannah and I enjoyed some peace and quiet while Ethan was sleeping earlier this week.  Hannah really want to "make a something", how could I say no to a request like that.  We decided to make feet fish.  
First, I traced Hannah's feet and then she wanted to do mommy's feet too.

Next we painted our traced feet.

I love how she does a running commentary of her progress.  In this picture she is explaining how to paint the fish.

Next while the paint is still very wet, Hannah and I sprinkled salt all over our page.  It  gives a crackly effect to the paint.   Set aside your paper to dry.

For the next part you will need some glue, scissors, 2 sheets of paper (green and blue)

Add a line of glue to the bottom of your page.  

Add your green paper (cut to look like seaweed). 

Finally, cut out your feet, add some eyes, smiles, and fins to turn your feet into fish.

Tuck your fish in behind your seaweed and glue onto the blue paper.
Hannah enjoyed this activity so much.  She was so proud to show Daddy when he came home.

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Charlotte said...

How does reading this blog and looking at the pictures make me hungry!!?? I am now craving for fish tacos!!! Hahahaha!!!!

Great activity for sure!

Our Country Road said...

These are so cute!!

I would love to have you add your fish feet to my link up party, Pinterest Tuesday! I think other mommas would like to Pin your adorable craft!

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