Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Camp

Yesterday afternoon, we arrived home from our churches family camp.  As my wonderful husband mentioned we needed to leave earlier than expected because my mom so graciously drove us and picked us up.  Normally, we would have driven ourselves but our car was written off, after an accident a week ago.  So now, we are enduring the laborious task of replacing our car.  Camp was a lovely reprieve from car shopping.  We had a great time.  We missed every session and heard almost nothing that the speaker said.  That said, we had a great time spending time with our children away from home, outside in a beautiful location.  Here are some of the pictures of our fun weekend.

This is the beautiful camp we went to in WA.

Everywhere you turn there is something new to look at.  Its a little difficult to see in the picture
but the house has a huge water wheel on it.  

We are all looking into the pond.  There are fist sized tadpoles swimming around.

The tadpoles didn't want to be caught on film,
but this little guy (big guy) sat perfectly still for me.

Hannah spent most of the weekend running (away from us).

The road less traveled.

We did manage to make it through worship on Saturday night.

Ethan was more than ready for bed though.

This is a picture of several of the kids working
on the different busy bags I brought with us.

Enjoying a ride on the tire swing.

Oh baby boy, how you amuse me.

Sliding with Daddy.

Even Ethan braved the big slide.

Playing basketball.

By far the hit of the weekend was a tie between the monkey bars and canoeing.

She climbed all weekend.

She wanted to climb all be herself but Daddy wanted to keep her safe.

Ethan spent time with the monkey bars too (his teeth were bothering him)

My swinging monkey.

Finally it was time for bed.


Linda said...

I don't remember Cedar Springs having a playground with swings and monkey bars... probably cause our kids were too old for it.

Charlotte said...

Precious pictures. Precious memories. Precious children!!! Miss you and the church peeps already!MWAH!

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