Friday, August 26, 2011

Bumps, Lumps, and Grapes

Today was one those days that FELT so long.  It probably had to do with being up so early. This morning Andrew and I took Ethan to Children's Hospital to see an ophthalmologist.  He has a lump beside his eye and he needed it looked at.  Our appointment was originally scheduled for January but we were on the cancellation list (yeah).
According to the Doctor it is a:

Periorbital dermoid cyst

Dermoid cysts can appear in young children, often near the lateral aspect of the eyebrow (right part of the right eyebrow or left part of the left eyebrow). They often have a rubbery feel. These are sometimes watched and sometimes excised. An inflammatory reaction can occur if the dermoid cyst is disrupted.

She wants it removed, so we see a surgeon in November, unless it gets noticeable bigger, then we go sooner.

Right eye shows it well.

After nap time (which Ethan did not participate in), Hannah and I did a few activities together. First, we sponge painted some grapes (for our g activities).  I drew some leaves and stems on a piece of card stock, cut some sponges into circles, and got out our purple paint. (I saw this activity here on A Little Learning for Two.)

The setup.

Hannah's face when she saw the paint.

She liked sucking up the paint with the sponge.

Making grapes.

Mommy's grapes.

Hannah and her finished grapes, I think she may have eaten some because her chin is purple.

Next, we played with a sponge and some water. (I saw this idea on The Wonder Years).  The idea is to transfer water from one dish to the other.
The set up.
She let the sponge suck up water from the first bowl.

Then she squeezed the water into the second.

Finally, she poured the water on the tray and practiced cleaning it up.

I have had this idea for a while.  Each week I will ask Hannah to draw me a picture and then narrate what she draws so I can write it down.  It will be fun to see the progression of her drawing skills.  She has just recently started describing what she draws so I know I could start.
Who does not LOVE school supplies.  

Her first drawing.  She drew a flake and a circle.  I'm not sure what she meant by a flake but I wrote it down anyway.

Now on to the weekend.

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Charlotte said...

You and your kids constantly amaze me. =)

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