Monday, August 15, 2011

Letter F wrap-up

Were off to visit Andrew`s parents and with that the Letter F is done.  We had lots of fun the last week and here is a little wrap up of what we did for the letter F.

Letter F box

Hannah thinks its a present every time she opens it.

This is her thinking face as she decided that the football and  football cookie cutter  are the same.

Hannah the teacher.

We found some feathers.

Saw this cute little guy at camp.

Had a fish snack (played with a fish snack)

We painted on foil. (Inspired by You`ll Thank me One Day)

Ethan joined in and painted on foil too (than he ate it).

We painted our feet outlines.

Then used them to make a fish scene.

Matched farm animals to pictures.
When we get back we will start Letter G.

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

Does she remember all the past letters you've taught her? How do you do reviews?

And, yes, I really love her thinking face!!!

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