Monday, August 29, 2011

G- is for Green Salad and Goats

Today (as is most Mondays) was spent doing errands.  We were home in time for lunch and then nap time.  We managed to squeeze in two fun activities this afternoon.  First, we matched colored pom poms to the corresponding goat.  I didn't have a gray pom pom so I colored a white one gray with a marker.

This printable is from Tot School Printables.

She was into the activity at first.

But she quickly lost interest.

Ethan played with his gears and cogs toy.

The second activity was a huge favorite for both Hannah and Ethan.  I took the streamers headed for the garbage can and put them in a huge bowl.  I thought it looked like salad.  I hid some green objects in the "salad".  I put in some green felt food, Lego, and some bear counters.
Looks yummy.

She searched gingerly at first.

The she went wild.

Even Ethan grabbed a hold and started pulling.

Funny boy.

They played with the streamers for a good 40 minutes.  Even found a box for added fun.

Walking through the grass.

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Teresa said...

Your kids are so cute...i love ethans outfit...

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