Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun at the Lake.

Here are some pictures of our last full day at Grandma and Grandpa.  Yesterday we made our way home and the trip went well (although long).  Its good to be home but my poor kids are going through withdraw.  Have a look at the fun we had at the beach.

Looking down at the water.

It was so beautiful.

Daddy, Grandma and Hannah

Ethan and Grandpa

Oh the feel of sand between the toes. (Hahahaha my sandal an makes me laugh)

She was so excited.

While Ethan spent most of the time at the playground, he did enjoy the beach for a little while.

Jumping into Daddy's arms.

Buried in the sand.

Okay so there is a very cute story to go with the picture below.  Ethan started coughing while eating his lunch and got quite a bit upset.  So I called him over and he sat in my lap.  As soon as Ethan was comfortable, Hannah started to cough (pretend coughing) and reached out so I would put her on my lap too.  This is the girl who such a Daddy's girl that it was a welcomed snuggle as she sat on my lap for the longest time.
Mommy favorite momment.

The boy who would not eat lunch decided the bucket looked appetizing.


Looking for the train.

At the playground.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the start of Letter G.


Charlotte said...

This place is beautiful! Where is it? The kids really had so much fun!!! I had fun just looking at the pics too!

Kristina said...

Its in Sicamouse (sp). It was fun, and the weather was great too.

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