Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going to the Mountain

On Tuesday, my sister and I took the kids to Grouse Mountain. Hannah was so excited that she kept shouting that "Hannah going to the mountain".  We met a friend who has two daughters the same age as Hannah at the bottom of Grouse Mountain along with her mom and helper.  Hannah took swimming lessons with the two little girls and she was excited to see them again too.

Hannah commented that she was the little bear on the left side of the wooden sculpture.

Mommy needs her picture taken every once in awhile too.

The gondola.

The view on the way up,  it was cool and cloudy so we could not see too much.

A doe and a fawn.  Yes that is snow.

Grinder the bear.

Don't you just love it when little girls hold hands.

My tired baby boy HATED the lumberjack show (too much clapping).

The blue mountain lumberjack.  So this lumberjack carved a little chair and offered it to the youngest person watching.  My sister and I are convinced that Ethan was the youngest and that the other parents who were claiming that their child was 8 months, was NOT younger than Ethan.  (I'm clearly still working on moving past this injustice :D). 

The pole climbing is my favorite.  It makes me nervous just watching.

An Eagle carved from wood.

Love the frown.

Auntie and Hannah

The three girls.  The were super affectionate all afternoon.

Hanging with her girl friends.

It was a great day, since I had never been up there I really enjoyed it too.

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

That place looks fabulous!! Those pictues of the girls together are so cute! Oh and I agree with you, a Mommy needs her picture taken every once in a while. Sometimes I wonder if my kids will even know I was around because I am always the one taking the pictures. :)

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