Friday, October 17, 2014


With many of us sick this past week I nearly forgot to post a pictures of this years Thanksgiving Tree.

Hannah and Ethan cut out their hand prints (Hannah cut hers and I cut Ethan's hands out) from different colored fall paper and glued them on to the tree trunk arm.  

Then I helped them write different things they were thankful for on the palms of the hands.  On the fingers they wrote more specific things for which they are thankful.  For example they both said they were thankful for their home and then wrote the things about our home in each finger.

They also made a turkey craft to decorate my Grandmother's hospital window for Thansgiving.

2 of my turkeys.

Finished project with Ethan's on the left and Hannah's on the right.

Pumpkin Patch 2014

This past Monday we went to Pumpkin Patch.  I wasn't sure if we were actually going to make it because rain was suppose to fall all morning.  Thankfully we woke up to dark grey heavy clouds that would hold off until later in the afternoon.

The Laity Pumpkin Patch (my favorite) has a very cute indoor petty zoo which Hannah and Ethan love.  My mom and my sister Amanda joined us and Nathanael got his own personal chauffeurs. 

They have animals (goats, sheep, rabbits etc) and birds.  Like the one above that I know nothing about but looks really neat.

We were there!

Hanging out with Gama while looking at goats.

Professional tracker driver.

Hannah makes me smile.

and the cutest pumpkin award goes to.....

Wagon riding!

It's crazy short.

Nathanael was trying so hard to pull off his hat.

I may have told them they could get what ever they could carry.

Turns out Hannah can carry quite a bit.

Jokes on you Mama!

I can carry quite a few too.  In the end we chose one pumkin.

Part way through our morning the Rios family joined us and they were off to scour the fields for the perfect pumpkin.

Our "official" pumpkin patch picture.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

9 Months

My sweet baby boy is 9 months this week.  I love him to bits and so does everyone else in our house.  Hasn't he always been here.  While I vaguely recall life before Nathanael, I definitely cannot imagine life without him.

He is growing so fast at about 20lbs and maybe 28 inches long.  

Nathanael is my very stubborn, always moving, easily offended but very HAPPY baby.  He lets giggles and smiles out like some people breath.

He is mischievous and likes to explore things. He is also fast which is a deadly combination.  He managed to get into one of my draws and found the rainbow ink pad last week and it was everywhere.  I've got to give props to "Colorations"for making a product that is so completely washable.  He found it again (my fault for not putting it up higher) and got it everywhere and nothing was stained.

He is comfortable being manhandled and loves his sister and brother.

Happy 9 months Nathanael David.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Activities with Ben: Week 4

 Activities with Ben: Week 4

For the letter D out came the dinosaurs.  We read 10 Drowsy Dinosaurs.  Very cute and simple.

Coloring Dinosaur feet.

They gave wearing them a chance but HATED it.

We scrapped the idea in favor of dinosaur feet hopscotch which was way more fun.  They each took tuns throwing bean bags and jumping from foot to foot.

Nathanael the destroyer made this difficult at times.

Dinosaur footprint making in play dough.

Ben thought this was lots of fun and did it over and over.

Our snack was dinosaurs dirt.  It's just yogurt with a layer of chocolate crumb and a dinosaur on top.  Ethan wouldn't eat his snack. :D

Creating dinosaur land
All four kids loved this activity.  Nathanael was all too happy to pull everything he could reach off the table.  Hannah wanted to make it perfect and Ben wanted to help her.  

Ben got bonus points for dressing to match our theme,

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