Thursday, October 16, 2014

9 Months

My sweet baby boy is 9 months this week.  I love him to bits and so does everyone else in our house.  Hasn't he always been here.  While I vaguely recall life before Nathanael, I definitely cannot imagine life without him.

He is growing so fast at about 20lbs and maybe 28 inches long.  

Nathanael is my very stubborn, always moving, easily offended but very HAPPY baby.  He lets giggles and smiles out like some people breath.

He is mischievous and likes to explore things. He is also fast which is a deadly combination.  He managed to get into one of my draws and found the rainbow ink pad last week and it was everywhere.  I've got to give props to "Colorations"for making a product that is so completely washable.  He found it again (my fault for not putting it up higher) and got it everywhere and nothing was stained.

He is comfortable being manhandled and loves his sister and brother.

Happy 9 months Nathanael David.

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