Saturday, October 11, 2014

Activities with Ben: Week 4

 Activities with Ben: Week 4

For the letter D out came the dinosaurs.  We read 10 Drowsy Dinosaurs.  Very cute and simple.

Coloring Dinosaur feet.

They gave wearing them a chance but HATED it.

We scrapped the idea in favor of dinosaur feet hopscotch which was way more fun.  They each took tuns throwing bean bags and jumping from foot to foot.

Nathanael the destroyer made this difficult at times.

Dinosaur footprint making in play dough.

Ben thought this was lots of fun and did it over and over.

Our snack was dinosaurs dirt.  It's just yogurt with a layer of chocolate crumb and a dinosaur on top.  Ethan wouldn't eat his snack. :D

Creating dinosaur land
All four kids loved this activity.  Nathanael was all too happy to pull everything he could reach off the table.  Hannah wanted to make it perfect and Ben wanted to help her.  

Ben got bonus points for dressing to match our theme,

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