Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Seed Experiment

I thought it would be fun for Hannah and I to grow something inside while we wait for it stop pouring outside. Then we can transplant our little plants outside and continue to watch them grow. I said experiment because I have never done this before.  Whatever happens, I think we will both enjoy it.  Here is what we have done so far:

I had some wildflowers and chive seeds so I used those and some of my leftover potting soil. 

I love how she is reading the seed packet.

 I filled some clear plastic cups half way up and patted the soil down a little bit.

Then Hannah sprinkled the seeds in the cups.

Adding seeds.

Afterwards, I covered the seeds with more soil, watered, and placed the cups on the window sill. 

Chives Day 5- Still not much to see

Wildflowers Day 5

Chives Day 8 Still not very chive-like

 Wildflowers Day 8- So tall and pretty

This weekend I will try and plant this cup outside, its the only one that is ready.  I'm a little nervous.  On the bright side I saved some seeds so if I need to I can plant some outside.  I was planning to anyway because I still have more potting soil.

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Andrew said...

lots of potting soil.... :)

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