Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Activities-Fun with Wooden Pegs

My baby is such a big boy, he turned 11 months old on Sunday. I can't believe how fast those 11 months have blown right by.  Sometimes I look at him and he seems so much bigger than yesterday and other times I look at him and he still looks so small and snuggly.

My big boy needed something to do desperately the other night.  Earlier in the evening he was trying to stick his toys into the jug but they were to big so it reminded me of an activity that Hannah used to enjoy.

Sticking the pegs on the rim.

I love activities that take almost no time to prep or clean up.  Simple activity:  Drop the wooden peg into the jug.  You could use just about anything to drop in the jug; spoons, straws, pencils, whatever you have on hand.

Jug and pegs.

I dropped one int to get him started.

He played this way for quite awhile until he decided that eating the pegs was more fun.

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