Saturday, May 7, 2011

Toddlers and Nail Clippers

Hannah is cleaning my nails.

Until very recently, Hannah has had to be restrained to have her nails clipped.  I have searched and searched for ways to help her.  But she hates it so she screams, kicks, and squirms.  I've tried to do it in her sleep, tried to file them instead of cutting, and tried giving her stickers afterwards.  Nothing seemed to work.  Until now.  I have finally figured out a way to almost eliminate the fight.   I say "almost" because she still yanks her feet away. 

First, I clip the corner of her nail and ask her to help me. Then Hannah rips off her nail herself.  Then I am allowed to fix her nail for any unevenness. Once her nails have been cut, I then must hand the clippers over to my two year old daughter because its mommy's turn.  You must be asking yourself 2 questions right now:

1.  Isn't she scared?  Airports consider nail clippers deadly weapons.  The answer is a resounding yes.  Scared of the pain, scared for my nails, and scared that the fear is showing on my face.

You must also me asking:

2.  Who now is the mommy?  Why must you hand over the nail clippers to you daughter? I am the mom, she is the kid. (my moms favorite expression).  Let me explain:

Months ago as a way to show Hannah that it didn't hurt when you got your nails clipped (when done properly of course) I handed her the nail clippers and told her she could do mine as an example.  At the time her fine motor skills were very basic and all she could do is tap the nail clipper to each nail.  Well now she knows how they work and she actual wants to use them (on me) and I am okay with that.  So I am teaching her the proper way to hold them and use them.  This is a fantastic practical life skill.  So here we are earlier in the week me getting a free manicure.

On a side note she is very encouraging.  She points to each nail as she is working on it and says things like:

"This nail good mommy"
"Good manners mommy"
"Awwww mommy so good"

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Teresa said...

Thats awesome...hehehe..too funny =) Thats my baby

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