Saturday, May 28, 2011

Swirly Color Fun

As a fun activity when Hannah got up from her nap today I decided it it was time to swirl colors.  I have been dying to do this for awhile ( I read about here Wonder Years) and I thought it would be fun.  Even Andrew and Ethan stood around watching.  Andrew watched, Ethan cried.  This was super easy to set up and do, Hannah followed instructions very well.

All you need to start is a dish of milk (the higher the milk fat the better), several drops of food coloring in different colors, some dish soap (thats in the little dish) and some q-tips.

All Hannah had to do to get the colors swirling is dip the q-tip into the dish soap and then into the milk mixture.  DO NOT STIR, just dip.  Hannah stirred hers until it was a lovely shade of grey.

I love the pretty colors and swirly pattern we got, I think Hannah and I will have to try this again soon.

Another variation is to drip the liquid dish soap directly into the bowl for greater movement and swirly effect.  So next time I think we will try it that way.

Why does the color swirl????  I looked it up and I really liked Steve Splangler's explanation, check out the link if your interested.

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