Saturday, May 14, 2011

Car Painting

No, we did not paint the car.  Although, I am sure that Hannah would have enjoyed it, mommy and daddy not so much.  Hannah had been asking and asking to paint but with Ethan and Andrew sick with the flu it just was something I was not in the mood or willing to do.  So I knew as soon as everyone was better I would need to bring out the paint and think up something fun for the two of us to do.  I thought it would be fun to switch up the regular brushes and finger painting for car painting.  I've seen this several different places here on the The Imagination Tree and here on The Artful Parent.  I've never done it before and since we are doing the Letter C and there was a car in Hannah's letter box, I thought it would be a wonderful tie-in and just plain fun.

I looked through our collection of toy cars for cars that had tire tread and surprisingly they were almost all smooth.  I picked the tractor because it had tank treads, one of the smooth wheeled cars, and the only car that had tire treads.  I picked different tired cars that way we would have some variations in the track patterns.  Hannah was watching me as I prepared everything and I knew she was wondering why I was digging through the cars when I was getting everything ready to paint.

All ready to paint.
Dipping the car in the paint.  Hannah was a little hesitant at first but then got right into it.

Driving the car across the paper.

Hannah loved the tractor the best.

Our masterpieces.
It was really fun, I think I'm going to keep my eyes out for other things from around the house to paint with now.


Anonymous said...

That is such a fantastic idea! Like you said it opens up the door for some other creative things we could paint with! I love it! Thanx for the idea lady!

Wendy B

Kristina said...

Thanks Wendy!

Charlotte said...

This activity will work for adults in particular! =D

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