Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week 6 - Letter F

Letter F week went by very quickly.

Math: Fly counting.  Pretty basic.  Choose a number card and count out the appropriate flies.  Simple but enjoyable none the less.

 Art:  GONG SHOW.  For our art activity, I put out some feathers and paint.  This went really well until the phone rang.  I came back to find my usually paint hesitant boy covered in Hannah's hand prints and Hannah covered in Ethan's hand prints.  I threw them outside (happy that it wasn't raining) and gave them cloths and a basin to wash up.  In case you can't tell it is Hannah's hand print right over Ethan's left eye.

Nature Study:  Our nature study this week was disgusting.  I bit my lip and washed my hands a lot in order to get through it.  They had fun examining flies.  Hannah and Ethan both love bugs and I don't want to bias them because I loathe bugs.  They looked through magnifying glasses and colored a picture of a fly.  Hannah and Ethan enjoyed matching the picture to the actual fly.  But Ethan's favorite was pulling the wings off the poor dead fly.

Reading and Language Arts:  We did our craft page on capital F.  I think this was my favorite activity page so far.  Hannah and Ethan did a good job of finger painting their F's green and adding some fish to the pond. We also (Hannah and I) played a rhyming game.  She is getting quite good at rhyming, Ethan is not interested in these activities for the most part (the language exploration section after each letter).  

This week we read Thank You, God by P.K. Hallinan.  I love the pictures in this book because each one is filled with light.  Its very simple but it does a good job of pointing to God as our source for all things.

Just for Fun: I took out the fabric squares that I made last year for F week and blind folded them using their monkey hats (now that I look at this pictures more closely, I find it a little creepy) they each felt the fabric and told me how the pieces of fabric felt.

Faith Foundation:  This week week we finished up learning about our hands using them to bless others.  Hannah and Ethan made helping hand posters using their feather painted pictures.  Then they each told how they can use their own hands to be helpful.  Hannah said that she could use her hands to clean up, bake dough, and wash the table.  Ethan said he could use his hands to pick up things, play play dough, and get things for me.

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