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Week 8 - Letter H

Week 8 - Letter H

Math: This week for a math activity I handed out some foam hearts and a dish each.  My plan was to say a number and have them count out the appropriate number of hearts.  They both did this a grand total of once. hehehehe  Instead they wanted paper and crayons so they could make some heart cards.  For the record, I have no idea what is going on with Hannah's hair in these pictures.

 Art: For the art activity for H week.  Hannah and Ethan made houses out of paper bags.  First, I asked Hannah and Ethan what they wanted their houses to look like (doors and windows) and drew on the details.  Then they colored their houses.  To finish, we stuffed the houses with paper towel and stapled a colored paper roof on top.  Hannah thought our houses needed people so she decorated the window sill for me.  The bottom picture is of Hannah and Ethan proudly showing their finished houses to Andrew.

Nature Study:  Was totally forgotten.  As it was, we hardly went outside with the weather so rainy and cold.  

Reading and Language Arts: This week we read Prayer for a Child by Elizabeth Orton Jones and illustrated by Rachel Field.  As usual Hannah and Ethan both think this book was not only written for them but about them.  At least in this instance it's understandably  The dedication page has the picture of a little girl (who looks remarkable like Hannah) with the dedication For Hannah. Now Hannah can spot her name a mile away and thinks this is great. Further into the book is a picture of the little girl and her brother.  I'm just glad that they don't think we need a cat after reading the book.  

Hannah and Ethan even got a chance to read their H book with Daddy which is always a exciting thing.  Our activity page for the letter H was a Hippo which we painted and sprinkled salt a glittery effect, which in my opinion did not work.  But they enjoyed sprinkling it.

Faith Foundation: This week we started out lesson about our feet.  We are looking at how God created us and made us special.  Our verse is Deut 5:33 Walk in all the way that the LORD your God has commanded you.  We looked at the different things we can do with our feet.  
We also made a footprint poster.  I set up a large piece of paper and with a paint tray on one end and a soapy water bin on the other side.  Hannah and Ethan took turns walking on the paper with their paint covered feet.  Looking back I wish I could done this different.  Next time I would use one color for Hannah and one color for Ethan.  Our footprints ended up quite muddy looking.  Oh well.

Just for Fun:  These were some activities they Hannah enjoyed the last time we did the letter H.  I pulled them out and Ethan liked them too.  The first was hammering golf tees and balancing marbles. 
 The second was building towers with our odd H shaped pieces.  I have no idea what these are or their intended purpose.  But they liked the.

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