Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 7 - Letter G

I sat down to finish this post and I totally forgot and lost track of time.  Now I only have 15 minutes before rest time is over so I will attempt to finish it.

Math: For our G week math activity we used green bears to practice identifying groups that have either more bears or fewer bears.  I made it extra difficult for Hannah by using different sized bears.  So 5 small bears looks like a smaller group then 3 larger bears, so Hannah really had to think about what I was asking each time.

 Art:  G art was all about glue.  Fill some old lids with glue (the white kind) and add beads.  When it is dry (took 3 days) pop out the bead circle and hang up for a neat sun catcher.  Hannah loves anything that requires decorations so this was more up her ally.  Ethan liked it but didn't want glue covered fingers.

Nature Study:  Grass was our subject during G week.  First, Hannah and Ethan looked at a piece of grass to see the different parts.  Then for fun they glued grass to a piece of paper that we later cut out into the shape of G.  If you going to do this avoid the trouble we had cut out the G's first and then glue on some grass. Most of the grass fell off when the paper was cut.  Here is where I got the idea.

Reading and Language Arts:  For our G activity pages, Hannah and Ethan painted/dot painted their G, painted their guppy (or to them a goldfish) and added glitter to make it sparkle.

We read Count Your Blessings, by Patricia Reeder Ewbank.  But mostly we forgot.  We have read this book many times and Hannah and Ethan enjoy searching for the items on each page. Oh well.

Count Your Blessings
Count Your Blessings, by Patricia Reeder Ewbank

Faith Foundation: The week we did G, was the week after Thanksgiving.  So our lesson was on being thankful and our source for all things.  Some of the things we did included a Thanksgiving matching game, a story using picture cards, and some pumpkin art.

Just for Fun: Hannah and Ethan played lots and I always enjoy watching what they choose to play with at the table.  For Ethan it was clothes pins and a can.  Hannah was playing with the sound eggs as well as a magnet story book.

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