Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Skytrain Adventure

I meant to post this on Monday but it's now Thursday and I am not sure what happened to the last couple of days.  hehehehe.  Monday is Andrew's day off and probably the kids favorite day of the week (mine too).  Monday morning Hannah woke up with the idea that we should all ride the Skytrain (the equivalent to an above ground subway).  In fact, I walked into Hannah's room to hear her tell Ethan that we were going to ride it that day.  Since, we had nothing else planned we thought it was a great idea.  Here is a little look at our day:


Of course we had to buy tickets (the kids were both free).

Hannah handing me my ticket.  She was VERY excited. She bounced as we walked into the station.

Their first look out the window.


Our destination was the Vancouver Public Library.  Its the second larges library in Canada and has a fun children's department.  Its also free.

  The building is really cool to look at.

Hehehehe  Andrew and I enjoy watching the show Fringe.  Its filmed in Vancouver, the library also happens to be one of the setting locations.  Anyway, here is a screen shot of the library from the show.  No its not New York.

Besides books there were lots of games, toys, and puzzles.

On the way back to the Skytrain we found a fountain they enjoyed sticking their hands in.

I'm not sure but I wondered of Ethan thought the bull was real.

I was a bit camera happy.  Driving Andrew a little nuts.

Pretty stained glass window.

On the way back.

Mommy and Ethan.


johnpeterjohn said...

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Jay Scott said...

look at the way how kids are enjoying! cute kids!!

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