Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week 5- Letter E

Math: For our math activity this week sorted googly eyes.  Three sizes extra large, regular, and tiny.  It was fun using the eyes as our sorter item.  

 Art:  We did 2 art activities; one on the fly and the other planned.  Our "planned" activity with the earth hand prints.  Its really simple and I loved how they turned out.  Paint your hand blue and then add some green paint onto carefully so that the paint doesn't mix too much with the blue.  Then make your hand print.

Our second activity was a crayon resist at Hannah request.  No she didn't request a crayon resist, she asked if we could paint and I decided to make it a little more interesting.  Draw a picture or write a message with white crayon on white paper.  Paint everywhere and wipe the extra paint off with a paper towel.  Voila.  Hannah and Ethan we suitably impressed.

Nature Study:  We went on a nature walk and collected some things look at when we got home.  I gave Hannah and Ethan their own nature bag (goodie bags from a birthday we went too).  I was surprised at the variety of things we found.  Hannah was THRILLED with finding dead beetles.

Reading and Language Arts: We continues working on our AAR Level Pre-1 by doing capital E.  Hannah and Ethan have been enjoying this a lot.  They love the cute animal stories and the craft page.  Our craft page the week had us fingerprinting some peanuts for the elephant.

This week we read, which unsurprisingly was all about the differences in seasons.  The text is really sweet and I loved the illustrations.  We ( I made, they played) seasons boxes.  It is a small folded box has a lid that pulls off to reveal pictures of seasonally specific items.  Its from kizclub.com.  As well as a season pom pom sort that I found here for the tree.

Just for Fun:  This was a really fun idea using plastic Easter eggs (painted white) as a sound matching game.  Each egg had a different object (coins, beans, rice, and nothing).  I made two sets so so that Hannah and Ethan could use them as a sound matching activity. I really enjoyed watching them do this activity because it was a little difficult at first.  

Faith Foundation:  In this weeks lesson, we learned that God gave us hands to be used in many ways; working, playing, communicating, helping, and praying.  We can use our hands to bless others.

Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. Psalm 47:1

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