Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reading Together

Normally on Thursday morning the kids and I drive in with Andrew and go to bible study.  With the horrific traffic and bridge construction it can take an hour to get there.  Bible study is first thing in the morning consequently we get up quite early.  It didn't happen this morning.

Ethan popped a tooth out last night.  To say he is a bad teether is a gross understatement.  He is 16 months and has only 6 real teeth, and two very tiny specks poked through else where in his mouth. At this rate he will be well into his teens before all his baby teeth are in.  We were up late and for a long time.  So this morning we stayed in and mommy tried to stay awake.  Ethan seemed to have loads of energy.  Isn't that always the way?

We had a very relaxing morning reading.  (These pictures weren't taken this morning but they very well could have since the scene was the same.)



Liesel Rios said...

There must be something in the ether. Hard day over on this side of hwy 1 as well. Hang in there and here's to hopes to a better tomorrow!

Kristina said...

Liesel-Hahahaha, Yes I am hoping for a MUCH better night tonight.

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