Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Play Dough and Blocks

One thing that Hannah finds very frustrating is Ethan knocking things over when she is playing.  However, the second Ethan sees something stacked he is all over it.  This is where the play dough and blocks happened in on our activities today.  Play dough + blocks= 2 Happy Children.  Ethan though it was fun to mush the blocks into the play dough.  Hannah thought it was amazing that the play dough acted like glue to hold the blocks together to make odd shapes and gravity defining creatures.

Play dough and wooden blocks.

Rolling a ball.

Mamma's rocket.

He loved squishing the play dough.

I have to say I enjoyed this just as much as the kids.  In fact, I think I will pull it out again now that the kids are asleep and I am waiting for Andrew to come home from work.

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Charlotte said...

Some of your own last word's in your blogs make me LOL....

Kristina said...


Our Country Road said...

What a smart idea! It would be good for learning about mortar and building with bricks, too. Thanks for sharing!!

Carolyn said...

What a great activity to combine the two activities... and have two happy children. Very innovative.

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