Thursday, October 13, 2011

Practical Life:Laundry

We worked on (played) at a practical life skill this afternoon.  Hannah loves all things chores right now so I am trying to capitalize on her interest.  She has helped me lots in the past with the laundry but today she worked her way through all the steps.  Not only that but Ethan played along also.

Hannah chooses an article of clothing.

Ethan rolls in the pile of laundry and then chooses something to take to the washing machine.

Run and see who makes it to the washer first.  (We started with the pink stool but it was too rickety so I put down an upside down hamper  to climb up on.)

Throw it in and pose for mommy.
Look and see if there is any room left.

Fill it up.
After everything is washed and dried, fold neatly.

Make sure the corners are all matched up.

Finally,  match all the socks up and sort them into each persons pile.

All done, time to relax!

1 comment:

Courtney said...

I love this age of helpfulness! Maddy wants in on everything I do, and it's great.

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