Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Summer turns to Fall!

I was looking through my August photos and it feels like so long ago.  Fall is arriving quickly and what's left of the warm summer sun is leaving.  Andrew's sabbatical is over and things are crazy at church (as per normal).  We are all getting back into the hang of structure and the regular rhythm of our days.  We have been doing school and it is going well.  Not with out it's bumps and frustrations, after all we have a 2.5 year old and a 8.5 month old who need love and attention at exactly the same moment we sit down to read Charlotte's Web.  So here is a look back at one of our beach days while we visited Andrew's parents in Salmon Arm.  It was literally a perfect beach day.  I wouldn't change anything!

Beautifully warm and sunny but just enough of a breeze to make it lovely.

Andrew rented a paddle board and life jackets and it was so much fun. Also, so much easier than I anticipated.

Hannah and Ethan took to paddle boarding fast.  They both stood up too but preferred to ride together kneeling.  Andrew's mom has more pictures of the kids paddle boarding but of course on her camera not mine.

A leisurely cruise.

Elly loves being outside and enjoyed the water.  

But she spent most of her time between Grandma and Grandpa.

Picnic lunch.

Pulling out snacks.

Snagging a mouthful of Ethan's ice cream.

Hannah enjoying her cone.

Of course coming home everyone is so tired and happy to relax quietly. 
Andrew with his girls.

Ethan and his book.


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