Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ethan's New Pillow

Don't let the smile in the above picture fool you.  Like every parent, I enjoy choosing and making things for my children for their birthday.  I take joy in "knowing" my daughter and finding something that I think she will  like and even become special.  A week ago today was Hannah's third birthday.  To mark that special day I came up with a brilliant idea.  Not only did I think it was fantastic but all those I told thought it was great too.  I was jazzed.  So excited I pleaded with Andrew to give it to her on her birthday and not at her party.

You see I took Hannah's shirt, the one she called her favorite and most perfect shirt, in all the drama that only a 2 year can come up with and made it into a pillow. The shirt that had special meaning for me as well because "You Are My Sunshine" is our special song.  Here is a couple of pictures of her wearing her green shirt.

Recently, the shirt had become too small and I thought a pillow would be great way to keep this favorite around.  The night of her birthday Hannah was handed the gift bag with the pillow while I sat perched on the couch ready to snap that picture of her face when she saw it.  She was excited as she pulled it out and looked at me, smile stretched across her face.  Then she said it.  I knew she didn't understand.

She looked at me and earnestly and said "I love Ethan's new little pillow".  I tried to explain to her that it was her pillow and that I made it with her special shirt.  But she looked confused and repeated.  "I will put in Ethan's crib, its his little pillow".  Andrew tried to explain.  It didn't matter she already had it fixed her mind.  A couple of days later I tried to explain again.  But this time she wouldn't even entertain the possibility of questioning the pillow's ownership.

She put her hands on her hips, and wore an angry face.  If you know Hannah you know this look well and she said:

"It's Ethan's pillow and I.....DON'T.....WANT......IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope Ethan likes his new pillow.


Charlotte said...

Hahahahahahahahaha........................ This is so cute!!!! The way I see it, the "shirt" is still in the family anyway!

nessa.hui said...

hhahahah! Wait until she tells you that she wants the pillow back :|

jen said...

seriously laughing so hard

Stella said...

so funny... you made my evening :-)

Kristina said...

Hannah stories are always good for a laugh!

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