Tuesday, April 17, 2012

U wrap up and V preview

U was a funny week, every time I sat down with one of the kids to do an activity it seemed that the other was off doing something different.  I have to admit it was lovely to work one and one with both Hannah and Ethan.  The only down side was the number of photo's I took because the kids aren't in any together. hehehehe  Any how here are some pictures of our week, if the pictures bore you I apologize, skip over the pictures and click the funny video of Hannah singing with her letter box.

U Week

Hannah and I played the matching games several time and she has never matched so quickly, I guess giving the right incentive produces results.  Ethan just wanted to "find" the smarties and eat them.

I am always amazed at Hannah's precision and delicacy during activities such as the pin poking.

Ethan was dying to use the pin so it was good opportunity to let him have a go when I could focus on him completely.  The second picture is Ethan's current favorite way to work; on his hands and knees on top of the table.

Ethan enjoyed the U craft until I showed him how to dab his finger into the paint so he could make the rain drops, then he cried.  Hannah loved it.

Hannah and Ethan played very little with the letter box this week.  Probably because there were so few items in it.  The did like matching the objects to the picture on Hannah's ABC book that I made her for her birthday.

What surprised me the most this week was how much Ethan loved the matching puzzle. This is a puzzle from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  It has umbrella pieces that you match by shape.  Hannah did it but complained that her pieces kept "moving"

This last picture is of Hannah is her right out of bed insisting that it was activity time.  She is still in her jammies.

An original untitled song by Hannah

V Week

V letter box: Vase, vine, violin, violet, van, V letters, V bean bag

V is for Velcro- I put Velcro dots on Popsicle sticks.  Hannah and Ethan make things out of them, most obviously shapes, letters, and numbers. The sticks have Velcro on both sides for most of them, some are single sided. (I saw something similar on Chasing Cheerios

Sorting vegetables and fruits (source: KIZ CLUB)
Doting and poking the letter V

Flower arranging.  I took two empty water bottles and cut off the tops (carefully mom) and put tape around the edge to make sure the cut edge is smooth.  Hannah and Ethan can each fill their case with the glass stones to keep it from tipping over and because it sounds neat.  Then they can arrange their violet colored flowers inside.

Tot School

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