Friday, April 20, 2012

An Interview with Hannah

My sister Teresa is having a baby and is due at the end of May.  I thought for fun I would interview Hannah about the arrival of her first cousin.  She enjoys answering questions and I love what she comes up with for answers.  Here is our interview:

Me:  Hi Whats your name?
Hannah: laughing, It's Hannah

Me: How old are you?
Hannah: 3

Me: Who is having a baby?
Hannah: Auntie Teresa

Me: What's the baby's name?
Hannah: Franklin (Her nickname for Franklin)

Me: You know Franklin will have a new name soon right?
Hannah: New name? What is it?

Me: I don't know, go ask Auntie and then come tell me.

Me: How big will Franklin be when he is born?
Hannah: This big, (spanning her hands about 18in)

Me: How much will he weigh?
Hannah: Confused look, hmmm 31 (31 pounds is a very big baby Hannah)

Me: What color will his hair be? (Not sure since uncle is Asian, but we will see)
Hannah: Yellow

Me: What color will his eyes be?

Hannah: Black

Me: Do you know what day Franklin will be born?
Hannah: Sunday, Monday, or Friday

Me: What will Franklin eat?
Hannah: Cereal and Toast

Me: What will Franklin wear?
Hannah:  A big dress like Auntie (????? not sure what she refering to since Auntie has not been wearing any kind of dresses).

Me: Do you think Franklin will cry a lot?
Hannah: Yes cause Auntie will leave and Uncle will put him to bed.

Me:  Do you want to give Franklin a present when he's born?
Hannah:  Yes, a big fire truck, and a fireman hat.

Me:  Is there anything you think Franklin might need to borrow from you?
Hannah:  hmmm a stroller, mommy's food, scissors, my bible, and the umbrella (pointing to the big patio umbrella).

Me: What will Auntie need to buy for the baby?
Hannah:  Library books, a didi (soother), a crib, and a swim suit for Uncle Kevin.

Me: Are you going to help take care of Franklin?
Hannah: Yes I will put him to bed then Auntie can put me to bed

Me: Will you love Franklin?
Hannah: Yes, this much, putting about 1 cm between her fingers (Hannah's Auntie Amanda taught Hannah that this means a lot, thanks Amanda).

Me: Who will be a better Auntie, Auntie Amanda or mommy?
Hannah: Auntie Amanda (Thanks Hannah).

Me: Thank you for answering my questions
Hannah: Your welcome.

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Andrew said...

I wish I had been there for this! I can hear her saying those answers. So funny, so cute :)

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