Thursday, December 1, 2011

Activities: Daddy Style

 It has been 3 years since we got back from teaching in Korea but Andrew must have enjoyed putting his "Andrew Teacher" hat back on when doing activities with Hannah last week because he was back at it again.  Andrew put together the cutest activity for Hannah.

He scattered various items all over the table while Hannah watched.

He was showing Hannah that she could use the straw to blow things across the table/

Some items were easier than others and she enjoyed testing them all out.

Here Andrew is trying to explain that if you suck on the straw you can pick up objects too.

I think maybe he just enjoying playing with Hannah.  I love watching them together.


Lesley @ early play said...

Looks like fun and I don't think we all post enough snaps of guys with the kids

Lesley @ early play said...

PS found you at Today at Play linkup

Kristina said...

Thanks for stopping by, I off to have a peek at yours.

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