Friday, July 27, 2012

The Evolution of an Activity

This morning Hannah asked if we could do an activity together, with her sweet, how could I say no face, with Ethan looking equally sweet behind her.  So I pulled out their art pad and some Zoo stickers (that Hannah got for her birthday that are amazing).  I figured their wasn't that much time before lunch so it should more than entertain them.  Well boy was I in for a surprise because Hannah and Ethan had big plans.

First, we placed the stickers all over our page.

Hannah told stories about each animal as she put them down.

Next, we brought out the crayons to add detail.

Next, we REALLY needed some scrap paper and scissors.

Finally, we used our glue to glue on on paper pieces.

Ethan even tried to eat each and every art supply.

I loved how this activity evolved from where I started it to where Hannah and Ethan wanted to take it.  One of my favorite moments was when Ethan scribbled all over Hannah's page with orange crayon.  I though she would yell or at least be very angry but instead she turned and thanked him for coloring beautifully.  

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